TURNAROUND HAS GARNERED PRAISE from leaders in the fields of economics, international finance, government, and policy. Endorsements for Turnaround have come from some of the world’s most respected voices, including Tom Brokaw, Robert M. Solow, Michael Spence, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ngozi Onkonjo-Iweala, Stanley Fischer, and Kenneth Chenault.
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Reviews and Press Coverage of Turnaround and Peter Blair Henry

Peter Blair Henry and Turnaround featured on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Peter explains to Mika Brzezinski how countries like Chile and even tiny Barbados have important lessons to teach the U.S. about discipline, clarity, and trust.   Watch Peter on Morning Joe 
Peter co-hosts BloombergTV’s Surveillance with Tom Keene. Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia Business School also joins.
The uptown/downtown deans weigh in on entitlements and other pressing economic matters facing the nation.
Surveillance Segment #1 | Segment #2 
Peter talks with Marc Lamont Hill of HuffPost Live. Joining them are Max Fraad Wolff, Prof. of Economics at The New School (NYC); Ann Lee, author of What the U.S. Can Learn from China; and Nadeem Haque, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission for the Government of Pakistan (Islamabad)   Watch HuffPost Live 
Peter joins NPR’s “The Takeaway” with John Hockenberry, where they range across the globe, discussing economics from South Korea’s trade deficits to the “shell game” of debt/aid in HIPCs, and to the U.S. recovery. “Rising stocks without investment by companies will not give us a full turnaround.”   Listen to The Takeaway 
Peter joins the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5 in Washington D.C. As Republican and Democratic lawmakers debate how to get the federal budget back on track, Peter and Kojo explore the lessons they could draw from the developing world.   Listen to the Kojo Nnamdi Show 
The TALK interview: In which Peter answers questions about MBAs and money, picking fights with academic luminaries, Jamaican culinary traditions, and the quality of perfection.
Read the interview in the NYT 
Vanity Fair’s HOT TYPE column by Elissa Schappell: “In TURNAROUND (Basic Books), Peter Blair Henry explains how discipline in policy reform reflects the likelihood of economic success in emerging economies.” 
“A concise and controversial statement of what needs to be overcome if the world economy is to return to the path of growth and stability.”